Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photos are not easy for the couple or for the photographer. The images are one of the most important elements of the wedding and will be the memories that the couple holds near and dear for the rest of their lives. Here are some hints that can help ensure that the photos turn out perfectly for the happy couple:

  • Creating a shot list; this is beneficial to both the bride, the groom, and the photographer. The shot list is essentially a list of the shots or the photographs that the couple would like to have captured on their big day. This can be particularly important for the family and group photos which can otherwise be stressful and hard to capture well.
  • Pre-scout the location; this one may go without saying, but it is important to go see the place beforehand. It is important to know the area like the back of your hand as the photographer as the couple will appreciate your guidance of the best backdrops, settings, angles and lighting on their big, chaotic day.
  • Have an on-site computer; Getting a second hand macbook or a portable computer that you can use to see, edit and upload photos on site can be a great way to gauge the pictures you’re getting and to be able to work more effectively. This laptop should also be a workhorse in the sense that, at weddings which are a frenzy of activity, it shouldn’t be of too high value in case it gets broken, stolen, etc. This can also help you display the photos in real time or at the reception so that guests can enjoy the shots in real time and at the actual event.
  • Shoot the small stuff; the photos of the most minor details can have the most significant impacts and can be the most important of the bride and the groom. Do not delete any photos that you find are a mistake because they may end up being cherished gems. It really is a matter of perspective.
  • Find some inspiration; use magazines, other photographers’ work, or even attend another wedding to get a different perspective and inspiration for shooting a wedding or big day. Create vision boards, Pinterest boards and other places to see your inspiration.
  • Find a fine line between bold and obnoxious; to get the perfect shot, you need to ensure that you are in the right place at the right time, this won’t happen if you are shy or behind the scenes the entire time. There is, however, a fine line that you must walk to ensure you are also not invasive or obnoxious.
  • Be flexible; if it rains , it rains. You can get beautiful shots no matter the weather. Be prepared enough to be able to be flexible and work with not only the couple but also with mother nature.


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