Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Creating Your Wedding Guest List

Many people never imagine how stressful coming up with a list of people to invite to a wedding can be. Suddenly, you remember your roommate from college who recently reconnected with you, and you start wondering if they will be offended if you left them off the list. Then there are those distant relatives who have a sense of entitlement and imagine that they must be on the list because you are related. Choosing who to leave out can be a frustrating experience, to say the least, yet it has to be done.

Tips on Creating a Wedding List

  • Know the numbers you are working with: For you to make a list, you should be clear on how many to put on it. Both the bride and groom should agree on how big the guest list will be to start narrowing down who to invite.
  • Be realistic: As much as you may want to invite everyone you know, you should be practical on how much you can spend. Do not risk getting into debt after the wedding simply because you did not dare to cut down your wedding list. Your friends should understand if you explain that you were on a budget and could not have them all.
  • Have a rule on who to leave out: You should come up with a criterion determining who to invite. Granted, close friends have earned their space. Some of the questions you should be asking yourself include how often you talk, whether they invited you to their significant events, your past interactions, and how convenient it will be for them to attend the wedding, among other reasons.

Remind the people you have invited to confirm attendance to know if you have slots to add more people. At the end of it all, remember that it is your big day and you should only invite those you are comfortable with.