Style For a Vintage Wedding

Style For a Vintage Wedding

Many brides want a vintage theme for their wedding and this is very easy to achieve. They can easily find genuine vintage dresses and shoes as well as outfits for their bridesmaids, but vintage is something that you can include in every aspect of your wedding.

Table decorations, for example, are easy to create on a budget. Birdcages make wonderful centrepieces as they can be filled with flower arrangements or candles and they look delightfully old-fashioned and elegant. Or you can opt to use vintage mismatched china to serve meals and snacks on.

Vintage style for wedding guests

Vintage is a huge trend at the minute and if you are going to a wedding then a vintage look for your outfit is sure to impress the other guests. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to trawl through secondhand stores to find what you need. There are many vintage looks being created by modern fashion retailers such as NA-KD UK and it will only take a few minutes of searching to find just what you need. Consider the tea dress for example, this is perfect for a summer wedding, it is a classic look and even if it is not genuinely vintage it won’t matter.

The same applies to shoes. If you’ve gone for an outfit that has taken inspiration from the 30s or 40s then a Mary Jane shoe will be perfect. This is a style that has never really gone out of fashion and it is one that translates well into everyday life, so you’ll definitely be able to wear them again.

If there is a vintage theme to the wedding, why not talk to the bride about the look she is trying to create so that you can co-ordinate your own outfit? Maybe she would prefer a 60s theme and all you need to do is find a simple shift dress and jacket – or a Chanel-style suit that is reminiscent of Jackie O. Whatever the theme, finding what you need is going to be much easier than you think.