What Makes a Great Wedding Reception Venue?

What Makes a Great Wedding Reception Venue?

Whether you’re planning a wedding, work as a wedding planner, or run a venue where weddings or receptions take place, you’ll surely understand how important the reception venue is to the smooth running of the big day. The wedding reception venue sets the scene for the couple and the guests’ memories of the day, and it will be carried with them forever.

What To Look for in a Reception Venue

Of course, the reception venue is not the star of the show – it’s the backdrop. There is a balance to be struck between being memorable and facilitating the smooth enjoyment of the couple and the guests. With that in mind, here are our top three things to look for when choosing a wedding reception venue, or setting up your own.

Interesting yet Unobtrusive

A reception venue should be interesting enough to wow the wedding guests, without taking anything away from the stars of the show – the happy couple. Think timeless decor with a few quirky details. Large potted plants, pictures in beautiful frames like these from Gallerix, and unusual lighting all add interest without getting in the way. Don’t go overboard – a few points of interest is plenty. Too many and the effect becomes obtrusive and over-stimulating.

Classy and Sophisticated

Whether the reception venue is a castle or a village hall, sophisticated decor is the order of the day. Decor has a massive effect on mood. Weddings are joyful, but also serious and at times, stressful. The mood should be celebratory yet restrained and calming. With family and friends of all ages and backgrounds coming together to celebrate a wedding, a calming atmosphere will help to keep things running smoothly. Neutral colours, tactile fabrics and appropriate lighting will all set the mood.

Comfortable yet Elegant

A wedding day is a long day, and it’s important for everyone involved to be comfortable. It’s likely there will be everyone from small children to elderly grandparents in attendance – so make sure there is plenty of seating! It’s also vital to include some elegant visual interest for guests who may spend a long time sitting down to enjoy. Gallerix has an incredible range of framed art which will provide visual interest without stealing the limelight. An elegant setup will delight guests of all ages and make sure the reception venue sticks in their memory for all the right reasons.